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Hotel Accommodation

Hotel consists of 29 rooms, each of which is fully furnished and equipped with a TV and satellite channels, refrigerator,AC and telephone line. 27 rooms are single/double occupancy and 2 family suites (one king size bed + 2 single beds).

Suite Rooms
               Single / Double occupancy Rooms

Hotel 's Restaurant

Summerland Hotel restaurant and coffee shop offer high standard services to the hotel guests, including oriental and western cuisine that is prepared by our philipino cook. The coffee shop serves all sorts of hot drinks and beverages all day.

Tour Programs

Come and discover! Come and See! Come and enjoy!!

We have put together an unforgettable adventure in the highlands and the dense forest of Socotra Island! Discover this colorful land with its vast variety of landscapes and its unique flora not found anywhere else in the word with its more than 90% of endemism: the imposing granite mountains, the spectacular waterfall, the primary forest combined with untamed nature and a very diverse culture. All you need, Car , driver Camping and Diving, will be available at the hotel.

Diving and Snorkeling

You can dive and snorkel in the crystal clear waters of Red Sea, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean and see many bright-colored fishes and corals and others sea creatures. You may even be able to see the recent discovery of a coral drawing of one of the best diving locations in the Yemen.

You will find in the hotel all diving & snorkeling

  Camping Tours

   Camping is perhaps the best way of enjoying the wonders of nature. If you have a thirst of adventure, to experience fascinating indigenous nature this Experience fascinating indigenous life and magnificent panoramic spectacles, beautiful reefs along a coast of endless and empty sandy beaches, mountain views, and unique wildlife.


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